Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A Quick Update

Unfortunately, despite my best intentions, health and other matters are needing to be a priority at the moment, so the blog is once more going on hold for the forseeable future - work I produce will be put on Flickr (see below) and flagged up on Twitter, as will the latest additions to my little Pinterest art collection which is proving both fun and useful; I just don't have the time for this right now.

However, a thought or two to be going on with - this morning in the library, I came across a copy of journalist and author Andrew Marr's A Short Book About Drawing, and I am currently glued to it.  It's a frank, charming and witty account of his own artistic (much as he hates the word) efforts; he has drawn and painted for most of his life, and has some gently thought-provoking views on the subject, not least on why he does it, how it makes him feel, and what it means for the way he (and we) look at the world around us.

Being still rather absorbed with plans for more abstract painting. printing, and combining them with calligraphy, amongst other things (more of which later), I must admit, I have rather neglected the purely drawing side of things of late; a few of my better (IMO anyway) efforts in various media can be seen at the bottom end of my Flickr photostream if anyone's interested.  But this little book may just get me back to putting my small sketchbook back in my bag again and taking it around with me ....... especially while the longer days last.

Till next time, whenever that may be.

Edit: 11th July 2014

After a lot of thought, I have decided that this blog will stop here - though it will be left up for anyone who is interested in looking back over the couple of years it represents.  There will be a new, and more general blog coming, hopefully in late 2014/early 2015, and in the meantime, as mentioned above, any work of any sort I want to share (including a link to the new blog) is/will be displayed on my 500px page and/or my Flickr stream.   To those who have read my ramblings thus far, my sincere gratitude and thanks for your patience and support - it has been much appreciated.